Libella Backrest is now available for purchase and covered by insurance at 90%!

3. 9. 2023

A backrest is an essential part of a wheelchair for those who want to sit upright and in the correct position. By correcting the seat, many shortcomings that can affect you during everyday life can be addressed.

That's why we have developed a new product range of backrests called Libella Backrest, which is designed to support your health.

In the style of the Libella Seat Varia anti-decubitus cushion, these are variable products that adapt directly to the individual needs of each of you.

These are medical aids listed in the reimbursement catalog with a 90% reimbursement from health insurance!

Libella Backrest is a new range of variable, individually adjustable backrests for wheelchairs. They gradually adapt to the user, significantly reducing the risk of developing additional postural deformities and related health complications.

The hinge system allows for individual adjustments for each user's necessary support and seat correction based on their current health condition. The main benefit of the product is the possibility of repeated readjustment over time, allowing for the gradual correction of the seat according to the control and proper adjustment by an ergotherapist.

Libella Backrest Var

Libella Backrest Varia (left) a Libella Backrest Mono (right)

We have prepared two variants right away — the two-part Libella Backrest Varia and the one-part Libella Backrest Mono.

Libella Backrest Varia

Libella Backrest Varia consists of two variable backrest sections that can be independently adjusted. In the case of postural deformities of the torso, it is possible to adjust the backrest individually according to your needs. This backrest is suitable for individuals with greater trunk instability or a need for correction in a longer segment of the spine.

Libella Backrest Mono

Libella Backrest Mono consists of one backrest section, and therefore, it is more suitable for individuals who need correction in the lumbar and lower thoracic spine and pelvis area. It is suitable for users with minor trunk instability and asymmetry, requiring correction in a shorter segment of the spine.

Libella Backrest backrests have the option of two types of wheelchair frame attachments - for a folding frame and a fixed frame.

  • For wheelchairs with a fixed frame, the backrest is attached to a solid clamp mounted on the rear cross profile of the frame. The backrest can be removed from the clamp and is secured against falling out of the wheelchair with an eccentric lock. The clamp offers various sealing options for frame tubes with a diameter ranging from 18 to 26 mm.
  • For wheelchairs with a folding frame, the backrest is attached to transition clamps mounted on the side profiles of the frame at the correct height setting. Hooks with locks are then used to secure the backrest against falling out of the wheelchair. Various types of rubber sealing ensure the clamps can be mounted on different diameters and profiles of the frame.

For proper measurement and adjustment of the backrest, our occupational therapists are here for you, so don't hesitate to come and try out the new products in person!

You can find more answers to your questions in the Questions and Answers section.

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