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We are pleased with every visit, but due to the capacity of the space and the comfort of our other clients, we recommend to call us before or make the web reservation.

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Libella Seat

After the measurement procedure, we will fill out all the necessary documents and provide you with the report. With this, you will see your neurologist, geriatrician, rehabilitation physician or orthopedist. The doctor will issue a request for approval. The procedure may vary with each insurance company. In the case of VZP, the prescribing physician will first issue a request form and, upon approval, issue a voucher with the approval information. In the case of other health insurance companies, the prescriber issues the request form and the voucher at the same time and, if the request form is approved, the health insurance company fills in the approval on the voucher. The patient collects the voucher from the health insurance company, the physician, or it is mailed to the patient, or we receive the voucher and contact you directly. Then we will just hand over your own Libella Seat Varia #. 

It's faster than you expect. After diagnostics and configuration of the demo seat version, you can test it within a week or two without obligation. If everything works, with the return of the demo seat we will fill out a mandatory order form. Then we will complete the wheelchair seat within two to three weeks. If further adjustments are required, you have another week to test the seat.

Personal collection and final check by our specialist is always better, but if there is nothing to be checked, we can send you your new seat by post.

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