Developing and testing Libella Seat Varia

30. 6. 2021

Almost two years of research and development with series of workshops led by Věra Kunhartová were necessary for the final form of Libella Seat Varia. Her deeper research of current wheelchair aids was possible thanks to supporting a student grant at FUD UJEP. Together with Zdenka Faltýnková, a healthy wheelchair sitting expert, occupational therapists, physiotherapists of the Czech Clinical Interest Physiotherapists Group, and wheelchair users themselves, she had the chance to gain detailed information about the disadvantages of current wheelchair seats, requirements for the ideal product, and the characteristics and availability of new materials. Based on information from fields of production technology, occupational therapy, and physiotherapy, as well as foreign trade, Libella Seat Varia was designed, an anti-decubitus wheelchair seat for preventing and helping the treatment of pressure ulcers.

Workshop with wheelc

Workshop with wheelchair users

Ergotherapist helpin

Ergotherapist helping with moving to the wheelchair

Věra Kunhartová proved her theory that compensation aids designers simply cannot do without specialists and user experience. That the designer is actually the connector of all the important information and based on his/her own experience in design, he/she assembles it into the optimal form of the product and imprints it with originality and a new look.

What did the testing look like?

Workshop with studen

Workshop with students

Aanlysis of needs fo

Aanlysis of needs for the anti-decubitus seat

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