libella seat:varia

Wheelchair seat that helps to prevent and treat pressure ulcers.

Libella Design


Adapts to every user

Libella Design

Multiple reconfigurations

Anytime can be adjusted according to current needs

Libella Design

Light weight

The average size of the seat weights only 1,8 kg

Libella Design

Easy hygiene

Cover and seat components are washable or rinseable

Libella Design


Innovative use of 3D printing eliminates production costs

We know the challenges of living in a wheelchair.

Therefore, in collaboration with wheelchair users, occupational therapists, and physiotherapists, we have designed a unique system using sitting diagnostics and pressure mapping to adjust the seat cushion to each individual's needs. We can promptly react to a potential problem, lighten the areas of developing pressure ulcers, and accelerate their treatment.

Why is the Libella Seat Varia so revolutionary?

For the production of components, we have chosen the innovative use of 3D printing technology. We produce any shape quickly and easily without the need for expensive molds, we keep production costs low and we make the wheelchair seat accessible to more users. Properly selected components provide anti-decubitus protection and posture correction. The wheelchair seat works as a modular kit, so we can change or repair different parts to achieve the ideal correction. In this way, we can solve even complicated cases of postural deformities.

How is Libella Seat Varia designed?

Libella Design
  1. The lightweight, resistant and strong base helps to keep the shape of the seat and guarantees that its characteristics and settings will not change during usage.
  2. The layer of ergonomically shaped 3D printed parts that can be replaced or moved according to the user's needs. We have more than 50 variants with different shape, density and width.
  3. Soft anti-decubitus foamed latext layer with fice ergonomical cut-outs in the most common areas of pressure ulcers.
  4. The well-designed seat cover made of a breathable, 3D fabric. It distributes pressure well, follows the features of the other layers material and does not roll over the seat surface. Combination with the mesh bottom allows air to flow through all layers of the seat cushion.

What is included in the measurement and individual adjustment of the Libella Seat Varia?

How can Libella Seat Varia correct an oblique pelvis?

Podsedák do invalidního vozíku Libella Seat Varia je inovativním produktem, který díky svým náhradním dílům uživateli umožňuje prodloužit životnost, která se u běžných podsedáků odhaduje na tři roky. Snadná údržba komponent udržuje antidekubitní podložku do vozíku v čistotě. 

Price and health insurance payment

Selling price incl. VAT:
12 977 CZK *
Health insurance payment:
7 305 CZK
Health insurance code:
Additional payment:
5 672 CZK

* * The price is valid from February 1st, 2022 and includes the initial examination and diagnosis of the seat.

Questions and answers

If you find any problems, contact your ergotherapist who set up the seat. The individual parts can be replaced to give you the best possible fit.

It's faster than you expect. After diagnostics and configuration of the demo seat version, you can test it within a week or two without obligation. If everything works, with the return of the demo seat we will fill out a mandatory order form. Then we will complete the wheelchair seat within two to three weeks. If further adjustments are required, you have another week to test the seat.

Easy! Libella Seat Varia is actually a modular kit. Just book an appointment with one of our trained specialists. Based on accurate sitting diagnostics, goniometric and anthropometric testing and pressure mapping results, we will configure the seat to fit your requirements.

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