libella backrest:mono

A single corrective backrest that adjusts to fit you

Libella Design


Sophisticated design to the last detail using the latest technology

Libella Design


Adapts to every user

Libella Design


Can be adjusted at any time according to current needs

Libella Design

Easy manipulation

For everyday loading into the car

Libella Design


The average size of a single backrest weighs only about 1 kg

Libella Backrest Mono is a variable, individually adjustable backrest system for wheelchairs. It gradually adapts to the user, significantly eliminating the risk of further postural deformities and associated health complications. The elegant, sophisticated design with user-friendly functional elements emphasizes high strength, low weight and breathability. It uses the latest materials and technologies – lightweight aluminum alloys, carbon fiber and 3D printing.

We know what is going on with your spine and torso when you sit in a wheelchair for long period of time.

The back support acts in both primary and secondary prevention of torso deformities. It is indicated for persons with muscle imbalance or imbalance in muscle tone or correction of postural free or fixed torso deformities.

Its variability therefore allows for both moderate corrections and lining for a more preventive purpose or settings to address more significant deformities with very sensitive adjustment according to the individual needs of the user. The support also provides a functional seat to maximize the user's potential for mobility and functioning in everyday activities.

It gradually adapts to the user and significantly eliminates the risk of further postural deformities and associated health complications.

How does Libella Backrest Mono work?

The Libella Backrest Mono consists of one backrest part, so it is more indicated for people who need correction around the lumbar and lower thoracic spine and pelvis. It is suitable for users who have less torso instability and asymmetry, thus requiring correction in a shorter section of the spine.

The joint system allows individual adjustment for each user with the necessary support as well as the possibility of correcting the sitting position according to the current state of health. The main advantage of the product is the possibility of its repeated readjustment, i.e. it gradually adapts to its user over time and according to the control and correct adjustment by the occupational therapist, the posture is gradually corrected.

What does Libella Backrest Mono consist of?

  1. The backrest is assembled in two parts, made in different sizes, ergonomic shapes and depth contours. All types are compatible with each other and up to twenty-four different combinations can be made to create both symmetrical and highly asymmetrical torso support for optimal seating correction. The two parts of the back support are connected by a solid carbon plate with grooves for horizontal displacement of the backrest against the butterfly shape of the sacroiliac joint.
  2. The 3D spacer fabric design is breathable, fits tightly, distributes pressure well and does not bunch up. There is no further risk of decubitus. The coating has been designed with a focus on strength and sewing quality. It is removable and machine washable.
  3. The arms assembly with thousand-point joints is made of lightweight aluminum alloys. Its durable construction ensures that its properties and settings do not change during use. The adjustable assembly includes six joints for height, forward extension and vertical back angle. Rotation about the vertical axis is made possible by the clamping joints of the forged backrest crosses. At each end of the arm assembly, there is a butterfly-shaped part for the horizontal movement of the back parts, which also forms a clamp joint allowing the back parts to be adjusted to a horizontal angle of 20°.
  4. Mechanical attachment of the backrest to the wheelchair in two versions according to the type of wheelchair for fixed and foldable frame.

Variable attachment to wheelchair frame

  • Installing the backrest using the clamp on the rear cross-section fixed frame of the wheelchair. This system is available in two versions — non-removable from the wheelchair (fixed mounted) and removable — secured by an eccentric lock against falling out of the wheelchair. The clamp offers different options of sealing for frame cross tubes with diameters from 18 to 26 mm.
  • Mounting of the backrest using the cross frame with hooks that fit onto the transition clamps attached to the side frame profiles. The backrest is secured against falling out of the trolley by a simple locking system. Different types of rubber seals ensure that the clamps can be fitted to different frame diameters and profiles.

Price and health insurance payment

Selling price incl. VAT:
25 700 CZK *
Health insurance payment:
23 130 CZK
Kód ZP pro mechanický vozík:
Additional payment:
2 570 CZK

* The price is valid from the 1st of September 2023 and includes the initial examination and diagnosis of the sitting. The delivery time of the backrest from the creation of a binding order is 1 - 2 months.