Anti-decubitus wheelchair seat that adapts to your needs

10. 5. 2022

A product that is worldly unrivalled - the Libella Seat Varia.

An anti-decubitus wheelchair seat is a special mat that is used to reduce the risk of pressure sores in people who are confined to a wheelchair for long periods of time. It breaks up the pressure that builds up on the skin and so reduces the risk of pressure sores - decubitus.

We know all the risks of long-term sitting on a wheelchair.

That's why, in collaboration with hadicaped people, occupational therapists and physiotherapists, we have designed a unique system that, with the help of seating diagnostics and pressure mapping, allows the seat to be tailored to each individual's needs and could be adjusted at any time. We can react quickly to a potential problem, relieve areas of developing pressure sores and speed up their treatment.

Anti-decubitus seat

Anti-decubitus seat Libella Seat Varia.

We have chosen an innovative use of 3D printing technology for the production of the components of the anti-decubitus seat. We can produce any shape quickly and easily, without the need for expensive moulds, keeping production costs low and making the seat available to more users.

Appropriately chosen components ensure anti-decubitus protection and correct seating posture. Because the seat works like a kit, we can replace or move individual parts to achieve the ideal correction. In this way we can solve even complicated cases of postural deformities.

What does the Libella Seat Varia Seat consist of?

Composition of the L

Composition of the Libella Seat Varia

1. The lightweight, durable and strong pad helps to hold the shape of the seat cushion and ensure that its properties and settings do not change during use.
2. A layer of ergonomically shaped 3D printed parts that can be replaced or moved to suit the user's needs. These are more than 50 variations with different contour, density and size.
3. A soft anti decubitus layer made of foamed latex with five ergonomic cut-outs at the most common sites of decubitus. The layer increases thermal comfort, its perforations promote air circulation and wick away moisture.
4. Sophisticated functional cover made of breathable 3D fabric that fits firmly, distributes pressure well and does not bunch up. In combination with the mesh bottom, it allows air to flow through all layers of the seat cushion.

An anti-decubitus seat is therefore an essential tool for wheelchair users who spend most of their lives sitting in a wheelchair. It helps them maintain their comfort and health and reduces the risk of painful and problematic pressure sores.

Libella Seat Varia, thanks to its tailored fit, provides optimal body support and minimises pressure on critical points. It is always adapted to the client's needs, even for patients with asymmetrical posture, which increases its versatility and usability.

The production of the seat cushion is preceded by a seat measurment, first measurment is always FREE to every client. The focus is carried out in collaboration with our occupational therapists and is designed to reveal any hidden defects in the seat and the entire posture.

Anti-decubitus seat,

Anti-decubitus seat, which contributes to the prevention and treatment of bedsore.

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