Questions and answers
Libella Seat

Measurement and configuration of the wheelchair seat

Easy! Libella Seat Varia is actually a modular kit. Just book an appointment with one of our trained specialists. Based on accurate sitting diagnostics, goniometric and anthropometric testing and pressure mapping results, we will configure the seat to fit your requirements.

We thought of this topic too. All the materials were combined in such a way that the average seat weighs only about 1.8 kg. The large enough handle allows manipulation even with a poor grip. The adjustable velcro on the bottom of the cover provides seat stability without frequent adjustments.

Wheelchair seat delivery

It's faster than you expect. After diagnostics and configuration of the demo seat version, you can test it within a week or two without obligation. If everything works, with the return of the demo seat we will fill out a mandatory order form. Then we will complete the wheelchair seat within two to three weeks. If further adjustments are required, you have another week to test the seat.

Personal collection and final check by our specialist is always better, but if there is nothing to be checked, we can send you your new seat by post.

Wheelchair seat adjustment

If you find any problems, contact your ergotherapist who set up the seat. The individual parts can be replaced to give you the best possible fit.

If you take good care and follow Instructions for Use, the seat can serve you for years. While we can declare a 2-year warranty on individual components, we are aware that everyone wears out the seat in a different way. If you find any component has normal wear and tear before 2 years, you can buy only the specific component and keep using the seat. After three years you can ask for the brand new seat, but why not bear nature in your mind and replace only the worn-out components?

Wheelchair seat materials and features

No. The cover was designed to be as breathable as possible, and the incontinence protection would reduce this feature. However, we keep hygiene in mind, so all parts of the seat are machine washable or wipeable.

We have tested a trinity of keys, a medium-sized mobile phone, and a glasses case. The pocket is actually a kind of bum bag attached to the seat.

Of course. You can choose from color combinations with turquoise, red, or decent black elements.

It depends on the individual setting and seat correction. We have a height range from 5 cm to 15 cm, including a solid base.

The size range varies from 36 cm - 44 cm width to 38 cm - 50 cm seat depth in 2 cm increments.

The Libella Seat Varia is tested and designed for a maximum weight of 110 kg. However, we are also able to provide solutions for higher weights and we will adjust the latex layer and the type of solid base if necessary. The other components are tested and durable.

Sustainable production is a priority to us. The materials originate from the European Union and all components are manufactured in the Czech Republic. The parts produced by 3D printing technology are made by us and are recyclable.

The solid base prevents the seat from deforming according to sagging parts of the wheelchair and losing its original settings. Depending on use, activity, and weight, the base may bend slightly (but not more than 5 mm in deflection). If your base bends more, you probably need a stronger option.

The latex layer is very durable and, unlike memory foams, does not lose its shape. The 3D printed parts were tested very carefuly. We compressed the individual components with a force that corresponds to a load of 16-40 kgs per 100 cm2, which is many times more than your total weight applied to the entire seat surface during sitting. To be really sure, we performed up to 1,000,000 such compressions during the test. This way we know for sure that all parts can withstand 250,000 compressions without any change in performance, some up to 500,000.

There are four layers in the seat cushion:

The base is a lightweight, solid, moisture-resistant composite board.

The adjustable correction layer consists of interchangeable 3D printed parts made of thermoplastic polymer. The 3D printed parts is non-toxic, washable, impact resistant, abrasion resistant and temperature resistant.

The top layer is foam latex. The new sustainable natural rubber material distributes pressure very well. Compared to other materials it does not lose its qualities, it is a flexible, durable and breathable material with hypoallergenic characteristics.

The well-designed seat cover is made of a breathable, flexible 100% polyester 3D fabric with a thickness of 6 mm. It distributes pressure well, follows the features of the bottom material and does not roll over the seat surface. The manufacturer declares that this material is non-toxic.

Price and payment

Once we physically receive your voucher in Libella, we will claim it by the tenth day of the following month from your insurance company. The subsequent voucher transaction process is individual for each insurance company and ranges from one to three calendar months. Once the voucher has been credited to our account by the insurance company, we will transfer the amount back to you within 1-2 weeks as part of our regular billing.

To make things clear, imagine an example:

You bring the voucher to Libella on 15 July, and we redeem it in the following month, i.e. by 10 August, the insurance company reimburses it by 30 October as standard and we then refund it to you by 15 November.

After the measurement procedure, we will fill out all the necessary documents and provide you with the report. With this, you will see your neurologist, geriatrician, rehabilitation physician or orthopedist. The doctor will issue a request for approval. The procedure may vary with each insurance company. In the case of VZP, the prescribing physician will first issue a request form and, upon approval, issue a voucher with the approval information. In the case of other health insurance companies, the prescriber issues the request form and the voucher at the same time and, if the request form is approved, the health insurance company fills in the approval on the voucher. The patient collects the voucher from the health insurance company, the physician, or it is mailed to the patient, or we receive the voucher and contact you directly. Then we will just hand over your own Libella Seat Varia #. 

The Libella Seat Varia is listed in the reimbursement catalogue with the code 5014080 with an insurance reimbursement of CZK 7,500. Your additional payment will be between CZK 1,900 - 3,900 depending on the individualisation of the seat cushion.


Do you want to save natural and financial resources? Great! However, we really recommend using the laundry bag. It prevents both faster wear and possible damage to the small parts of each layer and thus extends the life of the whole seat. That's the whole point, isn't it? :)

The size and material of the laundry bag have been chosen to provide the highest possible protection for all layers of the Libella Seat Varia during washing. We, therefore, recommend using the original bags. If you find a better option, let us know, maybe we can design something together! #

Because the bag dries quickly, you don't have to take the parts out when wet, they will dry in the bag. Do not dry directly on a heater or hot surface, do not tumble dry!

No. The cover was designed to be as breathable as possible, and the incontinence protection would reduce this feature. However, we keep hygiene in mind, so all parts of the seat are machine washable or wipeable.

We have tested a trinity of keys, a medium-sized mobile phone, and a glasses case. The pocket is actually a kind of bum bag attached to the seat.

Of course. You can choose from color combinations with turquoise, red, or decent black elements.

Hygiene and prevention

Great you have prevention on your mind! A check several times a day, during hygiene or in the evening after going to bed. A loved one can check for any emerging blisters on the buttocks, hips and ankles, or use a mirror or mobile phone camera. The alignment of your sitting posture and the symmetry of your shoulders, knees and pelvis can be checked in a mirror.

On the contrary. Pressure ulcers and the complications associated with them often keep wheelchair users out of daily life for a long time and can have fatal consequences. With regular checks of the sitting areas and appropriate prevention, which includes the use of an anti-decubitus seat, we can control the health condition and prevent possible complications.

At normal room temperature (approx. 22 °C), the seat completely dries in 5-7 hours. You only need one night to dry it. Let all the parts dry loose on the drying rack.

The regular hygiene frequency is up to you. we recommend cleaning at least once a month, then as needed. Wash the base with water and detergent and dry it with a cloth. For the cover, latex and 3D printed parts layer use the washing machine as recommended. To protect the 3D printed parts, use the laundry bag provided with the seat. We recommend buying additional laundry bags to prolong the life cycle of the latex layer and seat cover. However, be sure to wash these layers separately. Do not iron the cover, let it dry out freely together with the individual parts. For more information, please refer to the Instructions for Use.