libella protect:seat

Dry and clean active life.

Libella Design

Water repellence

Traps both moisture and dirt.

Libella Design


Reduces sweating.

Libella Design

Light weight

Adds just a few grams to your seat.

Libella Design


Supports seat function

Libella Design

Easy maintanence

Machine washable at 30 °C.

No matter whether you are an active wheelchair user caught out by an unexpected shower, work in a dusty environment, or want to protect the seat from food debris or minor incontinence, the Libella Protect Seat is the right choice.

Z čeho je ochranný povlak vyroben?

Thin, flexible water-repellent fabric with membrane, impermeable to liquids and dirt. These can then just be shaken off or wiped off with a damp cloth while you sit comfortably dry. You'll save yourself several cycles of time-consuming washing and drying of the seat itself, thus extending its life.

Elastic around the entire edge makes it easy to pull the cover over different sizes of seats. The cover is available in two sizes "S" up to 40 x 42 cm and "M" up to 48 x 50 cm. When packed, the cover takes up minimal space in a backpack or drawer and fits into the pocket of the Libella Seat Varia cover.

We recommend wiping off ordinary dirt with a damp cloth and washing more dirt in a hand or automatic wash machine at 30 °C using a functional textiles detergent.


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Price from 1 300 Kč
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